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Our Future Plan

1. Regional Context (Bangalore, Karnataka)

Modern Industries produce more goods at cheaper prices initially, that too with lesser manpower. Thus they throw out of jobs large number of people, the traditional workers. The traditional craftsmen who were till then engaged, in providing those very same goods and services to the Society, in the rural and semi-urban areas, are suddenly thrown out of business. They can't compete with the modern industries, particularly when it comes to price, numbers, quicker delivery schedules, finish,quality etc. But, once the traditional workers are out and disperse, winding up their shops and establishment, the Industries show true colour, increasing the prices, lowering qualities, reducing their production deliberately to create scarcity conditions to increase further prices. Thus, these modern industries in Bangalore, lead to loss of jobs, growing unemployment, loss of earnings of the poor, lack of purchasing power of the weaker sections, and consequent increase in poverty and misery all around.

2. The Aim of the Project

The ultimate aim of the project is to construct a home and a vocational training centre to the orphaned and poorest children of the society. Irrespective of caste, creed, and language we admit and treat everybody together as God's children. Take from the societies of Karnataka and send them back to the same societies after proper education, formation and training in some skills. And, therefore, they would remain as inspirational persons of their society.

3. Vocational Training Centre

Dance, paintings, Music and musical instruments play very vital role in the life of man in a civilized society. It not only promotes man for a happy life but also helps to earn for a decent life. Every child should be trained at least in one instrument is our purpose. Childhood is the best period to be trained for the basic lessons of dance, music or in any other kind. The following subjects can be included in the centre.

Indian and Western music; both vocal and instrumental.

Paintings and Drawings

Training in crafts work

4. The Present Structure

There are thirty children at present in Snehasadan. All are studying in different classes. We cannot admit any more children to Snehasadan since our infrastructure lacks more facilities. A number of children comes everyday requesting for shelter and help. Besides that we meet so many less fortunate children in the street and rural villages when we go for our regular visit. Therefore this problem can be solved to certain extend by expanding Snehasadan with proper facilities and good structure.

Information about the existing structure

Dormitory 1 (800 sq.f.)

Study hall 1 (650 sq.f.)

Prayer hall 1 (650 sq.f.)

Rooms 2 (550 sq.f.)

Kitchen 1 (550 sq.f.)

Store room 1 (200 sq.f.)

Bathrooms and toilets 5 each

5. The Need of Increasing Facilities

The extending hands of psychological support and relief from the pain of abandonment will mould them to come up with beautiful dream about their lives and society. There are more than 1000 new cases of parentless children reported in Bangalore itself every year. Do we let them die abandoned in a corner? Or do we give means to save these children's a precious lives? We may not be able to make all the children of India cared for and educated. However, by doing what we can for a few of them at least, we make a big difference in their lives. Our dream is to see Snehasadan become a bigger institution by our collective efforts. It will be enable us to continue our support and help to children of Snehasadan until they are able to join the mainstream of life. Nevertheless, there is a noble and enlightened thought that no deserving child should be deprived of the opportunity to have a home and an education because of the tragedy of his birth to parents who could not afford to ensure that he has the opportunities that other children have. This would help Snehasadan to admit 100 children from the different parts of the State.

7. Activities of the Centre

The following activities are intended to provide to our children.


The following activities are intended to provide to our children.


Education is most important aspect of one's life. The systematic knowledge will help one to live well and peacefully. Hence we take much care and concern about each child's education. After the higher secondary studies we promote and encourage them to go for higher studies or for some vocational skills. So that they will be able to earn enough means for their livelihood.

Human Upbringing

Mere food and education would not, at any cost, help any one to reach his or her goals. They should be treated with all human love and concern. Physical, intellectual and spiritual formation must be given well. Therefore Snehasadan takes a special attention to deal with these sides of our boys. They are given adequate training and classes in this regard.

Vocational Training

All are with some skills and talents; there is no one without any capacity to any field. So these children are exposed to different fields of training at the time of their study itself. This gives them confidence and courage to take up their own field of work after their initial period of education. Our centre would provide them all the possibilities for acquiring enough knowledge in some particular fields of his interests. At the same time this new endeavour would help to fetch some local income, which may partially support the home in the future.



Members of the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception (CFIC) are already actively involved in this field. There is one member who holds degree in Fine Arts from Bharathidasan University, Trichy. And also we have to collaborate with the like minded people who are qualified in that field.


2.1. Construction of a Home for 100 Orphaned and Abandoned Children and a Vocational Training Centre.

a. Home

Two Dormitories (743 sq.f.)

One Study hall (743 sq.f.)

One Prayer hall (743 sq.f.)

Warden's room

Store room

Common toilets

b. Vocational Training Centre

Eight Class rooms (360 sq.f.)


Staff room

Common Toilets

Store room

2.2. Furniture and Equipments for Home and Centre

The furniture for residence and the equipments for Centre shall be obtained from the place.

70 cots

70 beds and pillows, and 140 bed sheets and blankets, pillow covers

70 mosquito nets

25 benches and desks

8 black boards

10 dining tables and 70 chairs

12 mirrors, shelves, bath room cabinets

Teaching materials

Recreational items

Sports goods

Shelves, tables and chairs for director's room, staff room, record room and administrative office

Utensils to kitchen, shelves to store room

Instruments for the Fine Arts Centre

TV, Video recorder, stereo, computers for children


The Society has a Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) Registration Number and an Account with STATE BANK OF INDIA, Kottayam (Thirunakkara Branch), and (Account No. 1029943758-0.

Expenses at a Glance

1 Construction 70,00,000.00
2 Water tank, pipe line etc 5,00,000.00
3 Furniture 6,00,000.00
4 Teaching Material 5,00,000.00
5 Computers, T.V, Stereo, D.V.D 3,00,000.00
6 Sportive Materials 1,00,000.00
Total 90,00,000.00

Anandha Bhavan

Anandha Bhavan This is a centre and school for the mentally challenged children. There are both mentally- challenged and multi-disabled children in this house. This is founded in 1997 at Perinthalmanna in Kerala. At present there are 50 children who found Anandha Bhavan their home and eight staffs who dedicate their whole lives for the upliftment of these unfortunate children.

Monti Bhavan

This house stands as a light house for very many of our Tsunami affected children who lost their parents, dear and near ones and even their all belongings. This house is situated at Nagarcoil in TamilNadu, a coastal area of the state.

Friends of Snehasadan

These children may be happy without a fortune, but they can never be happy without good friends. 'Friends of Snehasadan' is an organization where anybody can join without any boundaries, collaborating with Snehasadan in all its endeavors and happiness. It was a long -standing dream of ours to bring together the minds that think together, the hearts that love together and the persons who collaborate with same motivation. It will give us a better chance to acknowledge and appreciate the generous contributions that we are extending to this institution. Your valuable suggestions, guidance and all sorts of contributions for the betterment of Snehasadan are highly appreciated and counted. The way you care, the risks you dare, and the pains you share all simply assure us that you love us and spur us on to love you more. As we belong to this global society, the membership to this association is also open to all. At present there are over fifty members from far and wide, including teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, businessmen, social workers, and many other well-wishers.